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Top 10 Airlines in The World 2011-2012


The expedition launched by the top class airlines is to ameliorate the increasing venture. The well known transporters are competing to improve seats in every class. The slim seats in economy let everyone repose without troubling others. The Korean Air won extra points for its affable slim seats.  Impressive customer service and in-flight service are essential to acquire a high ranking. Here’s the list of Top 10 Best Airlines in The World 2011.


1. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines 350x335 Top 10 Airlines in The World 2011

In several awards, Singapore Airlines is constantly surpassing, due to improvements like in-flight Wi-Fi, amusement that lets you operate your own video and audio through your iPod, and USB ports.

2. Emirates

Emirates Airlines 324x400 Top 10 Airlines in The World 2011

This Airline has a status for charges and food, in-flight and customer services, laptop Wi-Fi in 2004 and mobile phones in 2008.

3. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways 350x204 Top 10 Airlines in The World 2011

Etihad airways of the United Arab Emirates provide Cradle Recline seats in economy class and 600 hours of in-flight entertainment. You can charge and play your iPod etc. through its E-BOX System.

4. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand 350x263 Top 10 Airlines in The World 2011

It provides a developed cabin comfort, excellent victuals, in-flight and customer service. The airline offers a Sky couch that converts three economy seats to a bed.

5. Virgin America

Virgin America Airlines 350x283 Top 10 Airlines in The World 2011

This airline has remarkable improvements in every class, with superb service, modernization, and exquisite attitude, along with affordable fares and technical advancement, with improved Red entertainment to facilitate you to utilize your own apparatus.

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