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Top Ten Fashion Brands in The World

Fashion has transformed into the modern world a great extent. Fashion Industry has developed rapidly and has become a billion dollar industry now. From clothes, footwear, skin care, hairstyles even all what we wear this industry has met all odors luxuries of life and people to live in an iconographic method. This post has compiled a list of Top 10 Fashion Brands in The World.

1) Abercrombie

abercrombie 350x262 Top 10 Fashion Brands in The World

A largest American Retailer which is presenting casual wear for the people of 18-22 years of age. You can check it over 300 locations in the United States, and is on the increase worldwide.

The company maneuvers three offshoot brands as well which are abercrombie (childrenswear), Hollister Co., and Gilly Hicks.

2) Abercrombie and Fitch

abercrombie and fitch 350x213 Top 10 Fashion Brands in The World

Abercrombie and Fitch Founded in 1892 in Manhattan by David T. Abercrombie and Ezra H. Fitch. Basically the history of Abercrombie & Fitch extended over three centuries.

David Abercrombie founded A&F in 1892 as an upscale sporting goods store. Its partnership with Ezra Fitch, the company helped to enlarge in the new 20th century. Inadequate Brands pay for the brand which was not at the best in 1988 and work for Mike Jeffries, who revolutionized the representation of Abercrombie & Fitch to grow to be an chic youthful fashion retailer.

3) Hollister

hollister items 350x373 Top 10 Fashion Brands in The World

Hollister is second best clothing and American lifestyle brand next to Abercrombie & Fitch Co. It’s designed for the SoCal-inspired image and casual wear between the age of 14–18 through. Customer can avail stuff in-store and company’s online store as well.

4) PINK (Victoria’s Secret)

victorias secret pink heart 350x280 Top 10 Fashion Brands in The World

PINK is a sub-brand for the age-appropriate underwear, sleepwear, lounge wear, beauty products, and accessories, Angels, Very Sexy, and Body by Victoria. Founded in 2004 and souk headed for late-teen and college-age women. Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, and Prinsloo have all been have been taking part in events for the PINK’s Brands.

5) Aeropostale

aeropostale clothing line logo 350x201 Top 10 Fashion Brands in The World

Aeropostale, is a retailer of casual apparel and accessories targeting the people having 14-17 years of ages. The company offers collection of casual clothing and accessories focusing on elementary school children between the ages of 7 and 12. Customers can buy goods online direct from the site In the past the company was known as MSS-Delaware, Inc. and changed its name to Aeropostale, Inc. in February 2000.
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